I am a Brentwood Photographer and I LOVE  capturing your moments and bringing them to life! This recent couple session I believe did just that. These two were just amazing and so passionate and in love. It was evident from the moment I saw them! I didn’t even really have to pose them much or tell […]

Being a Photographer in Brentwood Ca.  I have had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing clients.  These two were nothing short of that! Not only were they both totally excited about this shoot, they bared the cold and rain to get it done. In the beginning I was disappointed we didn’t have any sun, […]

I Love being a Brentwood Senior Photographer and I love what I do! I mean really! has allowed me to hang out with some pretty cool peeps! I had the opportunity recently to join some other amazing women in a local Shootout put on by Winnie Bruce of Winnie Bruce Photography. It was amazing to say the […]

Take one look at these images and you will understand why I love doing Couple photography! It’s not always easy getting the guy on board, but once you do…….the moments you capture are true and priceless! To be able to look at an image and feel what that moment must have felt like. That is […]