3 Ways to Incorporate your College into your Senior Pics

One of my favorite things about senior pictures is when my senior clients want to incorporate their own uniqueness and style into there sessions. SO I love when they want to bring a pet or where there school sport uniform, medals, musical instrument and more, you name it! Lets get creative. So the same goes for showcasing your college gear and memorabilia! This is such an exciting time in your life, a new chapter, lets document that! It makes a great addition to your grad announcement cards also. Let everyone know where you are headed for that next chapter.


#1. ACCEPTANCE BANNER: when you get your acceptance letter in the mail, keep the banner they send with it! Bring to to your session and lets pull it out for a few pics. This is a great shot to add to your grad announcement to let everyone know where you are going off to in the fall!

#2. T-SHIRT/HOODIE: college gear is so exciting once you get your acceptance letter! It’s such a great way to tell everyone where you’ll be spending your next four years by wearing your new school in a few of your pictures! Incorporate with something simple like jeans or shorts. Make sure your lettering is big and bold!

#3. COLLEGE FLAG: This one is always fun! Bring your collegiate flag and we’ll fly it with pride during your senior session! You can find embroidered and more custom flags at your school’s local gear shops.

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