Mom and Daughter Photos A Must

So the other day I needed some head shots. I didn’t have time to get them professionally done and needed them quickly so thought I would grab my camera with tripod and do my best. One of my daughters wanted to help. I took a deep breath in and said “ok”. We ran outside with a mission. Once we got started I realized that this was much more than me getting those head shots and more about fun as the giggles began. Mom and daughter photos are a MUST!

I will say I am usually behind the camera, as I think most of us are. When we are on vacation I have to stop some random stranger to snap a quick pic so my kids will remember that I was there on vacation with them.

Once I got the tripod set up and camera in place, all my daughter wanted to do was play photographer. I guess she has watched me enough :).  I tried explaining that I needed her to stay put in front of the camera so I could at least get the settings and then I would let her get behind the camera.  She then decided it would be fun to get some “selfies” of us!  Why not and so we began….

First her standing where I needed to attempt to set exposure and focus.

silly girl in brentwood fieldAnd now getting ready for me to hit the timer and run over to my spot that she has secured for me.
child mom preparing for photosOnce the first shot went off we both raced while laughing over to the camera to see what we captured. While cute we are off center. We laughed even harder. And so we tried again.
brentwood mom and daughter images brentwood child photographerAfter each click of the camera we both raced back laughing to see who would get the first glimpse of what we captured. Next up was what we call kissy face…..LOL love theses.
daughter and mom photo shoot brentwood child photographerAnd finally me and her, just us being us. I love this image. Makes my heart melt. And while it may not be a technically perfect image it is absolutely perfect to me!mom and child photos brentwood photographerSo what started out as me getting some head shots turned into giggles and more giggles, not to mention some good quality time with my little love AND these images that we will both look back on and smile. I am sooo thankful for that moment.  A good reminder that I need to slow down and enjoy more, take in the little moments. A reminder for us all. Oh and in the end I did get a few head shots, compliments of my daughter :).

  1. Megan says:

    These are so sweet! Every few months I set up my tripod and make a game out of sending my 3-year old to press the shutter release 🙂 Its so important for mom to be in the photos too! That last one of you two is just adorable – hope you got some head shots too!

  2. Jamie says:

    So sweet. It is amazing how many times we miss out on capturing our own families while trying to capture others.

  3. Kayla says:

    These are so sweet! It’s so important to remember to get in the pictures as well!

  4. Dannielle says:

    So so cute! Way to go momma, we need to get in the frame more! I’ve made a personal goal to get in a photo once per month this year, keep it up!!

  5. Kristen says:

    These are priceless mother and daughter photos. I need to get in my images as well!

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